How To Use Reusable Gift Wrap

❤ We know this is new. But we will teach you how to use reusable gift wrap.
Learn how to break up with single-use wrapping for good. 

Why switch to EverWrap?

Here are some great reasons to switch to EverWrap reusable gift wrapping products:

Watch how to switch to EverWrap Resuable Eco-friendly sustainable Gift Wrap


  • Reduces products that get thrown away after one use, gift bags and wrapping paper all sadly become trash the second traditional gifts are opened.
  • No need to buy tape, tags and bows each holiday season
  • If you’re wondering how to use reusable gift wrap, we’ve got the answers for you. There is no measuring, cutting, or unusable scraps left behind - all of EverWrap gets used and reused endlessly.


  • Save money when your investment in EverWrap keeps giving year after year
  • No waste means no wasted money. What you buy is what you use.
  • Even when you wrap in EverWrap for someone outside of your household, you pay the same price as single-use bags. 


  • All EverWrap gifts have the closures built-in, no scissors or tape needed
  • A present can be wrapped in the time it takes to tie a bow
  • It's a no-brainer, your collection is in the cabinet waiting for the next surprise.


  • All of our pieces fold flat for easy storing (because we all know what wrapping paper stores like).
  • And less equipment! No scissors or tape is needed, even our gift tags are reusable!

Frequently Asked Questions about Reusable Eco-Friendly and Sustainable EverWrap Gift Wrapping

What happens with my reusable gift wrap when I gift outside of my household?

EverWrap was curated with budget in mind - so when you gift outside of your household your costs are similar to what you would pay for a traditional single-use gift bag or box. The beauty is, the EverWrap gift wrap continues, but the trash does not. That's a win-win. 

I am an EverWrap customer and I have a large family at home. Will I have enough eco-friendly gift wrap?

Everyone gifts differently, that's why EverWrap created curated collections for you. Once you see what you love and use the most, you can order more pieces by product or collection. Most of our collection coordinates, so you can mix and match; reuse and reinvent over and over. 

What holidays can I use EverWrap Reusable/Sustainable Gift Wrap for?

EverWrap is for all holidays, celebrations and surprises. We pair solids and neutrals in our collections so you can be creative about how you reuse. Anniversary, graduation, new baby, just because... all surprises are worthy of EverWrap. Mix and match as you please. 

What if my gift is an unusual size? How do I wrap it in an eco-friendly way?

Have a big surprise? If any of your gifts are larger than would fit into our EverWrap collections, we suggest reusing something you already have. For example; a large flat sheet or pillowcase with a bow are simple no-waste solutions for those larger surprises. Trust us, everyone really cares about the thoughtful gift you put inside!


Get in contact with our customer service team for more handy tips on how to use reusable gift wrap!