Collection: Reusable Gift Bags Online

At EverWrap, we have developed the simplest all-in-one solution for environmentally friendly gift wrapping. Our online reusable gift bags are self-closing, collapsible, reusable, and all-inclusive with built-in ribbon closures. Plus, with the sewn-in satin fabric, there is no need for wrinkly and wasteful tissue paper. With just the tie of a bow, this standout gift is wrapped and ready to go! Our Everbags come in two different sizes: 8x8x4.5 is a sturdy, smaller-size bag for gifting a candle and some chocolates and the 11.5x9x7 bag is great for holding medium-size gifts. Browse our website to find our lovely decorative fabric bags that are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Together we can decrease our wrapping paper waste and by using EverWrap’s reusable gift bags.