Do you ask for it back?

  • Reusable doesn't have to mean YOU are the one reusing the products. We love using EverWrap in our home for Christmas especially, and throughout the year. It allows us to reuse our collection all year round. When you are ready to gift to a friend or family outside of the home, gift using EverWrap for a similar price to traditional wrapping paper. Our bags and boxes were built to be reused, and will last much longer (which is a gift for Mother Earth). 

Won't my kids prefer tearing into wrapping paper?

  •  Kids love what's inside - we don't know many kids who have commented on the look of the outer-appearance of their gift. Do you throw toys in a gift bag with tissue paper? Do you get complaints? 
  • Plus, what doesn't say "Open Me!" more than a beautiful bow on a gift? The quality of EverGift is beautiful and begs to be opened. We have tested this theory on MANY kids, and they are all thrilled to receive EverWrap. 

 What if my kids like to peek?

  • Our products aren't any different than a traditional gift bag with tissue paper. If you have sneaky peek-ers, consider putting out your gifts closer to the holiday morning to keep it a surprise. 


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