About EverWrap

The EverWrap story begins with a husband, two young boys and a resourceful mom on a budget. She scrolled to a social media post with handmade cloth bags to wrap a family's Christmas haul. The post boasted "Gifts wrapped in 20 minutes, and clean up even quicker," and this mom was converted.

The holidays often drew extended family to her house, a perfect recipe for an explosive Christmas morning under piles of trash. In the weeks before the holiday, she repurposed tablecloths, sheets, place mats, scrap fabric and ribbon to make her own collection of reusable gift wrap. It took weeks and almost broke her under the hustle and bustle that always hovers in December. Oh, but when it was done, it changed everything. 

Three years later, Christmas, birthdays and all other celebrations were met with the same reusable gift wrapping that ultimately saved her in three precious ways: less time, less money, less waste. 

EverWrap was created and designed in Boise, Idaho by two women who knew we needed to be freed from single-use wrapping paper. As moms often do, they wasted no time getting their hands dirty to solve this problem for so many. It's EverWrap's small way of changing the way we wrap for well, ever.