Why Switch to EverWrap?

Why Switch to EverWrap?

Why switch to EverWrap Reusable Gift Wrap

(Pictured: Left - trash from Christmas morning, Right - Reusable Gift Wrap ready to be stored and used again)

Here are some great reasons to switch to EverWrap reusable gift wrapping products:


  • Help reduce products that get thrown away after one use
  • No need to buy tape, tags and bows each holiday season
  • No measuring, cutting, or unusable scraps left behind


  • All EverWrap gifts have the closures built-in - no scissors or tape needed
  • A present can be wrapped in the time it takes to tie a bow
  • It's a no-brainer, your collection is in the cabinet waiting for the next surprise.


  • Save money when your investment in EverWrap keeps giving year after year
  • No waste means no wasted money. What you buy is what you use.
  • Even when you wrap in EverWrap for someone outside of your household, you pay the same price as single-use bags. 


  • All of our pieces fold flat for easy storing (because we all know what wrapping paper stores like).
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