Order These 2 New Products to Get That STRESS-FREE Feeling for the Holidays ✔

Order These 2 New Products to Get That STRESS-FREE Feeling for the Holidays ✔

There are 4 short weeks after Thanksgiving until the most awaited day of the year - Christmas! Every year it whips around SO FAST, especially when you add work parties, school fundraisers and get-togethers. Before you know it, it's gone and if you are like me, you are left feeling unprepared. 

Order These 2 New Products Now and You'll Feel Stress-Free and PREPARED This Christmas

1. CardNow Gift Card Starter Box


CardNow is a new company that my husband has been able to use with his employees, and it has saved us a TON of time. With CardNow, you can have zero-balance gift cards at home and load them with your desired amount through their app.

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Here are some great ways to use CardNow this Christmas

  • Different Balances - set any amount to each card easily on the app
  • Last-minute or forgotten gifts - it takes only seconds to add a balance to a CardNow gift card
  • Great gifts for grand kids, give them the card they will love most
  • Perfect for employees, Gift Cards are always a great way to show appreciation



2. EverWrap Reusable Gift Wrap

Also new this year, EverWrap is a brand new spin on wrapping gifts at home (as seen on Gift Card Girlfriend). No scissors or tape required, EverWrap boasts all-in-one gift bags and boxes, ready to wrap. You can forget the tattered rolls of wrapping paper from last year, these gift bags and boxes look great year after year in your own home. When giving outside of the home - there is no need to buy tissue paper or bows, EverWrap is all-in-one gift wrap that doesn't need any extras.

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Here's how we love to use EverWrap:

  • All pieces are collapsible and foldable, so they store neatly in your cabinet
  • Christmas morning no longer requires a giant trash bag
  • Great for little hands or arthritis, EverWrap only takes seconds to wrap. EverGifts have an easy magnet closure, EverBags and EverBoxes close with the simple tie of a bow. 
  • EverWrap is just as fun as the gift, your recipients will love the beauty of the curated giftwrap, while you'll be feeling good that they can reuse instead of trashing it. 



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