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How does the membership plans work?

How does the membership plan work?

EverWrap is a membership and you will be charged immediately after selecting either Quarterly or Annual plan. Depending on when you sign up and which plan you choose, your first box will be the next quarter's box (debut box to ship November 2020. You will get an email confirmation of your order and will have access to your EverWrap account and all the perks right away.

After your first Box, your membership automatically renews

Quarterly $45

Annual $160 (includes additional membership benefits). 

Annual Holiday Curated Collection (sold separately)

$135 for Quarterly members

$105 for Annual members USD*

according to our Seasonal billing/shipping schedule unless you decide to cancel before your upcoming bill date. If you join as a Quarterly member and later decide to be transition to Annual , you can upgrade at any time from your account.  

*All prices are listed in USD. Any applicable taxes will be detailed in your EverWrap invoice.